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Private Readings

Scenario 1: You’ve experienced the loss of a loved one. Whether it was years ago or just the other day, the grief weighs on your spirit. There are things left unsaid, or you want to make sure they’re there with you. You simply desire to feel them again.


Scenario 2: You yearn for clarity; you’re feeling unsure about your career, your relationships and or personal goals. Inspiration has walked out on you; you feel alone on this spiritual path, and are unsure where to turn or who to talk to. The idea of connecting with divine wisdom and receiving support from your Spirit Team brings your heart a great feeling of peace. 


Scenario 3: You feel unbalanced or energetically drained. There’s random physical ailments and flare ups happening. You know these are the cause of stress, anxiety, but your intuition tells you it’s something deeper. 


Scenario 4: There’s a desire to understand your past; this has come from events making you question your beginnings, the importance of your lineage, feeling curious about your ancestors. Whether it’s this anvil-like cloud on your spirit you need to be rid of (regrets, longing, ancestral traumas, resentment), or just an all around desire to understand your past life. Regardless of the situation, you are brought to learn about your past life to help heal from the past, understand the present, and illuminate your path forward.

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In every single private session, I will do my part to communicate all of my experiences to you. This is to not only include you in the process, but to bring forth clarity and healing messages. Additionally, I make sure to leave you with tools to walk away with; whether that be a Spirit Guide or Divine Being to connect with for further development, or other practices that can help your process.

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Mentorship book

Private Mediumship Reading

60 minutes

Private Mediumship Reading

90 minutes

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Why me?

About 5 years ago, I finally woke up to my Soul. I finally recognized my abilities, my connection to God, my relationship with Spirit and my purpose on this Earth. This is exactly what I seek to do with my clients–to be that cheerleader, guide, mentor and bff to help you recognize your OWN innate magic; to lead you BACK to your Soul. 

I firmly believe that being a Psychic Medium is not just when I’m in front of a client or meditating; it’s an everyday embodiment. From the foods I choose to eat, to how I drive on the freeway, it’s imperative that my clients know I am fully devoted to this practice. I walk the walk and talk the talk. 


Aside from my infectious enthusiasm, I’ve had about 4.5 years of intensive development with my mentor, taken courses from some of the best Mediums in the world (Tony Stockwell, Suzanne Giesemann and Lisa Williams) and will be continuing my studies with Tony Stockwell in a 7-month apprenticeship program for Trance Mediumship. 

You’re eager to feel more empowered and confident on your spiritual journey.

The Process: working with me

Offering you Clarity, Hope and Wisdom

My private readings are 60 minutes to 90 minutes with an opening meditation to cleanse and connect our energy fields. Then, I will welcome your Spirit Team into my awareness and begin my practice of communicating any messages and all experiences for your clarity, guidance and peace. In any private reading, I only share messages of clarity, hope and wisdom that provide healing. I do not predict the future; yes, psychic hits will come up, but I give Divine support with breadcrumbs that nudge you in the direction of your Highest Good.

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You’re desperate to feel less “WTF” with your spiritual abilities and experiences, and more, “Okay, I GOT THIS!”


You are ready for Psychic Mediumship when:

✶ A loved one has crossed over and you’re seeking clarity, closure and or healing in any way. 

✶ You’re feeling isolated, confused and anxious about your current state of being. The idea of hearing from your Spirit Team brings levity to your heart. 

✶ You’ve never met your Spirit Team before! You’d like to meet them for the first time and learn how to continue communicating with them!

✶ You know your Spirit Team is there and you’ve all these crazy experiences with signs, messages, dreams and more. You’re not sure what to do with all this amazing information. 

✶ You feel energetically drained–either there’s a chord that’s draining your energy, an unwanted attachment or you’re simply moving through big life shifts. 

✶ You’ve felt a call to look into your past lives; you either feel a pull to heal karmic wounds, illuminate patterns so you can begin to break them and find deeper compassion for your ancestors. Or, it’s for the sake of curiosity and deepening your spiritual journey. Regardless, you’re ready to heal from the past, inform the present and illuminate your highest path forward.

Frequent Questions

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All of these choices sound amazing, and I want to do all of them, but I obviously know I only need one. How do I know which one to do?

If you’re still unsure, book a free discovery call (link this?) with me so I can learn how to best serve your needs! 


How many Spirit Guides will I meet in a session?

There is no exact guarantee of how many; it’s all dependent on what you need in that moment and who needs to come through in order to guide you. We could either spend the entire time with a single loved one, or meet four Spirit Guides!


Are these sessions recorded?

All private readings are recorded, so you can listen or watch back! A lot can come up after a session, or you may feel called to listen to it again–you may discover something new every time, or feel at peace with a reminder. 


What if I need extra support after a private reading?

After each session, I will send you a follow up email with key takeaways, messages and any suggestions to enhance your practice (nothing you HAVE to do, just for fun :)). If you still feel like you need more support, I suggest you either book another session, a package of Soul Path Sessions, or receive guidance through my Voxer package!

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Mentorship book

There’s nothing like feeling the magic of your Divine Team!

Book a Private Reading 

Private Mediumship Reading

60 minutes

Private Mediumship Reading

90 minutes

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