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1:1 Spiritual Mentorship

POV: You’re currently in your spiritual awakening.

From crazy, vivid dreams that actually ended up happening in real life, to angel numbers everywhere, you know that you’re feeling the shift into a higher frequency. But at the moment, all you can think and feel is, “What the f*** is going on!?”

I got two things: Number one, this is not a unique story. You are not alone. You are not crazy. Number two, I am here to be your guide, your mentor, your bff and cheerleader on this path. I’m here to make you feel less, “WTF,” to feeling absolutely connected and empowered in your spiritual gifts. 

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What is this 1:1 Spiritual Mentorship all about?

✶ Full access to custom lesson plans on Notion
✶ 2X teaching sessions a month
✶ 2X catch-up calls in-between teaching sessions 
✶ One of those catch up calls can be a complementary reading of your choice!
✶ Voxer Support throughout the week between certain hours of the day

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The value is in our connection and the process.

About 5 years ago, I finally woke up to my Soul. I finally recognized my abilities, my connection to God, my relationship with Spirit and my purpose on this Earth. This is exactly what I seek to do with my clients–to be that cheerleader, guide, mentor and bff to help you recognize your OWN innate magic; to lead you BACK to your Soul. 

I firmly believe that being a Psychic Medium is not just when I’m in front of a client or meditating; it’s an everyday embodiment. From the foods I choose to eat, to how I drive on the freeway, it’s imperative that my clients know I am fully devoted to this practice. I walk the walk and talk the talk. 


Aside from my infectious enthusiasm, I’ve had about 4.5 years of intensive development with my mentor, taken courses from some of the best Mediums in the world (Tony Stockwell, Suzanne Giesemann and Lisa Williams) and will be continuing my studies with Tony Stockwell in a 7-month apprenticeship program for Trance Mediumship. 

Experience greater confidence in listening to your intuition.

The Process: working with me

Discover more to understand

We begin with a discovery call to understand where you’re at on your spiritual journey and how I can help you. In order for me to build the best possible program for you, I will also have you fill out an intake form, where I use your answers to help draw out the pace and direction of your time with me. 

Learn how to work with energy

With every client, I will always teach and weave in the core fundamentals of ethical mediumship and working with energy. These were what my teachers taught me, so to give thanks, I pass along the baton! 

Support along the way

Twice a month, we have a teaching session where we work through the lesson plan. Part lecture, Q&A and practice. Between our teaching sessions, we meet for a catch up call to see where you’re at, how you’re feeling and to answer any questions. Between all sessions, you have access to Voxer support between the hours of 9AM PST to 4PM PST. 

Bonus session add on

And, as a fun bonus, you can choose a private reading (Past Life, Energy Session, Psychic Medium) to supplement a single catch up call session! This has turned out to be a great success, due to the fact that some clients need a particular session in order to understand or reach certain milestones on their own journey. 

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You’re eager to devote yourself to your spiritual practice, as you continue to reach milestones every day with consistent practice and support.


You are ready for the Spiritual Mentorship when:

✶ You want to learn tools, techniques and best practices to develop your spiritual abilities or take your spiritual abilities to the next level.

✶ You don’t want to do this alone or guess as you go. The luxury of one-on-one guidance and passionate support gives you peace-of-mind. 

✶ You desire access to someone who not only GETS IT, but can also provide you with hype, affirmation, and help declutter the confusion. 

✶ You’re desperate to feel less “WTF” with your spiritual abilities and experiences, and more, “Okay, I GOT THIS!” 

✶ You’re eager to feel more empowered and confident on your spiritual journey. Even though the bumpy roads will come, you want to have a Divine toolbox to lean on at all times. 

✶ You do better with one-on-one support when it comes to learning/and or developing a new skill.

Frequent Questions

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How long are the sessions?
The teaching sessions are 75 minutes and catch-up calls are about 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the need.


Do you do payment plans? 
Absolutely! I provide monthly payments that either coincide with the length of the program (1X per month for 3 or 6 months). Or, we can extend the payment an extra month. Depending on the situation and mutual agreement, I can offer a sliding scale. However, based on the intensity of support, development of lesson plans and mapping out the program, I am not offering sliding scales as frequently. 


How are the lesson plans ‘custom’?
Even though we all have shared experiences with our spiritual journey, everyone has their unique thumbprint. I want to always create a learning environment that simultaneously fits the needs, intentions and interests of the mentee, but also encourages them to extend themselves for growth.

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Mentorship book

So, are you ready to become a badass with your spiritual gifts, develop a rock solid spiritual practice, and feel on the path to embodying your soul?

Book a 1:1 Spiritual Mentorship Discovery Call

Tap Into Your Magic

6 Months

Adopt a rock-solid, foundational spiritual practice that gives you confidence, clarity and allows you to blossom in your own unique way. 

Meet Your Spirit Guides

3 Months

Meet for the first time, or deepen your relationship with your Divine Team to elevate your current practice. 

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