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I am here help you remember your divine sovereignty. 


Your soul can't wait to meet you

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My Offerings

Discovery call, 1:1 personal readings and mentorship.

My Mission & Values

I am here to help you remember your divine sovereignty. Through private readings and mentorship programs, my mission is to provide you with the tools to feel reconnected to your Soul, and your Team on the Other Side. 

Comfort & confidentiality

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Our session is completely confidential. My utmost priority is to make sure you feel mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually safe while we work together. This is a space of complete non-judgement for you. 

All Souls are welcome

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All souls are welcome! Even though I am a young woman, I am so eager to work with whoever you are—no matter what age, race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, orientation, life experience, etc. 

I am not your fortune teller

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As a personal and professional value with my practice, my goal is to provide messages of love and healing from the Other Side. Future-casting is a different kind of practice, but I also believe is unethical for my work.

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Are we a good match?

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My Story

For a while, I thought my spiritual journey began in 2018. Up until recently, I realized my spiritual journey began when I was four. 

I’m so, so deeply over the moon that you’re here. My name is Alexandra Shelly, friends and family call me Bebe. I’m a Psychic Medium, Channeler and Intuitive. I’m from Southern California, born and raised. I’ve been a lover of people, connection and an innate-creative ever since I could remember. Not only is it a joy to be a creator, but it’s an absolute honor to create side-by-side with Spirit. 

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